Quinlans Fish and Chips, The best their is!

At Quinlan’s we are passionate about our fish and chips, serving local and visitor the very best fresh local Seafood and freshly prepared chips. You can eat Super Fresh, healthy and Sustainable Seafood at Quinlans Seafood bar in Cork, Tralee and Killarney, Co Kerry

Here are some more information on our Fish

  • All our fish comes from managed sustainable stocks with traceable provenance.
  • Our fish is prepared daily on the premises.
  • We source our fresh fish from our own boats and from small locals boats in County Cork and Kerry.
  • Oil-rich fish are a great source of vitamins A, B, D, & E. Eating fish provides a diet rich in Iron, Calcium, Selenium, Iodine and Zinc.
  • Fish is also rich in OMEGA 3.
  • You can buy Fresh fish and Smoked Salmon on our website QUINLANSFISH.COM

Here are some more information on our Chips

  • We use only fresh potatoes, (Maris Pipers or similar), which are peeled and chipped daily.
  • Our cooking oils are continually changed, all the waste oil is collected and recycled.
  • We make and use a thick cut chip for a lower absorbency of oil to provide a much healthier product.
  • Potatoes contain a number of important vitamin and minerals.


Where does the fish in our Seafood bars come from?

The fish menu is extensive and is based on what has been landed by our boats in Cork and Kerry. Fresh Hake, Cod, Haddock, Whiting and Plaice, from Dingle bay are available throughout the year.
Every day a range of specials depending on what is in season and has landed that morning is available.
Another passion at Quinlans is to introduce seafood lovers, to some of our lesser known species and yummy sustainable fish, such as, Gurnard, Ling, Pollack and John Dory. Not only are these fish delicious but also increased usage takes pressure of threatened species such as Cod.

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